About Retro Strength

We like strength training and we like strength history — so we combined both of them into Retro Strength!

Retrostrength.com offers apparel and other products featuring the historical designs and logos from the history or bodybuilding, strength training, weight lifting, physical culture, boxing wrestling, comic book ads and anything else that we find interesting.

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite iron head?

We have over five hundred different products with unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Many of our products feature the logos of the great American barbell companies:Milo, Billard, Healthways, Bur, Jackson, etc. — companies who never had their own t-shirt in their hey-day. An untold number of lifters got their start with one of these basic weight sets, now you can proudly wave the flag for your favorite vintage barbell company in your next workout.

We have apparel for men and women, toddlers, and babies.

But keep in mind that our apparel is fun AND functional: grab a hoodie to keep your bones warm while squatting in an unheated garage in the dead of winter, or new knit hat beanie if you happen to like running stadium steps at 5 am.

And everyone needs a good mug to sip your coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Our products can be infinitely customized so if you see a particular design that you think would look better on a blue t-shirt, drop us a line, and we can make that happen.